Meryn Boraski

Meryn Boraski

When Meryn Boraski, CRNA, a nurse anesthetist in the Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine, runs her first marathon this April, she’ll be paying tribute to her late grandmother and honoring BWH for inspiring her to become a nurse.

When Boraski was in high school, her grandmother was treated for ovarian cancer at BWH. Her grandmother’s time at BWH introduced Boraski to the profession of nursing.

“I made a promise to myself to return to the Brigham and do something to give back to patients in the same way that the staff here did for my family,” said Boraski, who is part of BWH’s Life.Giving.Breakthroughs. Marathon Team.

As a first-time marathoner, Boraski is trying to balance the physical demands of the race with the mental challenge of staying focused for 26.2 miles. While some training days have proven difficult—including an 18-mile run with a wind chill of minus 5—Boraski credits the team’s camaraderie as one of the reasons why she’s enjoyed her training so far.

“It’s been a really positive experience,” Boraski said. “Everyone has a unique and beautiful story as to why they’re running, and it is inspiring to hear these stories.”

In addition to training together during long runs and hill workouts, BWH Marathon team runners have also been instructed about nutrition, including what to eat before, during and after runs. Thanks to this advice, Boraski says chocolate milk has become her favorite post-race staple in helping with muscle recovery.

As for Marathon Monday itself, Boraski says she is excited to see the cheering fans along the route, especially her parents and brother.

“I look forward to representing BWH that day and being able to give back to the hospital that I so dearly love,” she said.

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