Blood donors Julia Sinclair and David Read, of DFCI, both participated in the recent Blood Drop Challenge.

Blood donors Julia Sinclair and David Read, of DFCI, both participated in the recent Blood Drop Challenge.

When the Kraft Family Blood Donor Center (KFBDC) launched a blood drive competition to benefit patients earlier this year, BWH and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI) leadership challenged each other to see which team could make 24 blood or platelet donations first.

Julia Sinclair, MBA, senior vice president of BWH Clinical Services, participated in the competition because all donations made at the KFBDC directly benefit BWH and DFCI patients. She said she hopes the first competition will inspire additional colleagues to participate as well.

“It was important for me to do something that would make a difference in the lives of our patients, many of whom rely on these donations for life-saving care,” Sinclair said. “The competition was fun because our team supported each other the whole way.”

In total, 43 leaders contributed 28 units of whole blood, which benefits roughly 56 patients, and 28 units of blood platelets—cells in the body that help control bleeding and bruising—which will help 28 patients.

The competition, called a Blood Drop Challenge, is a way for the BWH and DFCI communities to make a difference in the lives of patients. While DFCI completed its donations first, Malissa Lichtenwalter, supervisor for donor recruitment at the KFBDC, said the patients are the real winners.

“We had several first-time blood and platelet donors and past donors who jumped back into the donor pool,” Lichtenwalter said. “These donors demonstrated commitment and generosity. We hope this challenge will help inspire others to continue the spirit of donation.”

Staff who are interested in competing are encouraged to form their own teams—for example, by department or unit—and donate blood and platelets at the KFBDC. Teams can either challenge each other or participate on their own. The KFBDC is available to help create a team or place people on teams if needed. All team members will receive gift cards to b.good restaurant after completing the challenge.

To sign up or learn more, email, or call 617-632-3355.