As of March 11, the BWH Cafeteria will close temporarily for renovations, with a plan to reopen in fall 2016. During this time, the hospital will offer a number of alternate dining options, including new “pop-up” locations (see below) in addition to existing food locations.

“We are excited to offer plenty of options that will allow BWHers to stay on campus for meals during the closure of the Cafeteria,” said chef Peter Lamb, director of Food Services.

When the Cafeteria reopens, it will feature an expanded menu of offerings, an updated dining room with more natural light and a variety of seating options.

Alternate dining options during Cafeteria construction are below. Learn more here.


7 Responses to “BWH Cafeteria Temporarily Closing for Renovations”

  1. Nina Chalfin

    Please please can we have a cart on 14. So much staff too busy to travel downstairs !!!
    Thank you for considering

    • BWH Public Affairs

      Hi Nina, BWH Food Services is currently finalizing a desktop dining model that will enable customers to order lunch and have it delivered to their areas during the renovation period. More information will be available soon.

  2. Meagan Fuchs

    Hello, I have been trying to find an updated schedule for the Shattuck street Food Trucks and have not been able to find it anywhere. Can you please direct me to a website or page where I can find this?

  3. BWH Public Affairs

    Hi Meagan, Food Services staff are looking into this. We will post more information here as soon as it is available. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

  4. Stewart Rudnicki

    Can you project slightly more approximately when the renovations will be complete, now that it is technically fall 2016? Thanks!

    • BWH Public Affairs

      Hi, Stewart. The cafeteria is scheduled to re-open on Monday, Oct. 17. We’ll have a story on in it the next edition of BWH Bulletin, so more info to come later this week!

      • Stewart Rudnicki

        Thanks for the update! Looking forward to seeing the renovated space!


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