BWHers Share Their One Shining Moments
BWH Bulletin’s year-end issue is a time to highlight BWHers’ proudest moments from the past year. We asked you to share one BWH-related memory from 2015 that was meaningful to you, and you offered touching stories about colleagues, patients, families, events and milestones that inspired you. We hope you enjoy these remarkable moments.

Sarah TowleOver the past 10 years, our days have been filled with so many Shining Moments; to choose just one would not begin to honor all that we experience every day. We have the great fortune of watching children and facilitating them as they investigate and learn about the world around them. Engaging in creative arts, exploring our neighborhood, reading and listening to stories, conversing quietly with children as they prepare to nap, offering comfort to the child missing a parent, expressing excitement with infants and toddlers as bubbles are blown and popped, giggling and talking while eating lunch together, and caring for the occasional bumps, scrapes or bruises with hugs and a gentle hand. Each of these moments allows us to experience many Shining Moments, which are supported and encouraged by the dedicated and passionate staff who show their commitment to the children and families each day. Here’s to our next 10 years!

Sarah Towle, Med
Site Director, BWH Backup Child Care Center

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