BWHers Share Their One Shining Moments
BWH Bulletin’s year-end issue is a time to highlight BWHers’ proudest moments from the past year. We asked you to share one BWH-related memory from 2015 that was meaningful to you, and you offered touching stories about colleagues, patients, families, events and milestones that inspired you. We hope you enjoy these remarkable moments.

Bob DonaghueIt’s like holiday magic takes over the Tower lobby. A sleigh suddenly appears, and then reindeer, then some elves. There is holiday music playing while one Marine in his dress blue uniform appears and stands next to the sleigh. He looks joyfully happy to be there, and as if on cue, people begin to hand him and the elves toys and donations to buy more toys. The magic continues for three days and by then the sleigh is almost invisible under a huge pile of toys. It is an annual magical event that reflects the true spirit of giving, and it is the favorite Shining Moment for this Marine and many others. Christmas will be brighter for many children because it happened, and because people care. The Marine smiles . . .

Bob Donaghue
Operations Manager, Security and Parking

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