BWHers Share Their One Shining Moments
BWH Bulletin’s year-end issue is a time to highlight BWHers’ proudest moments from the past year. We asked you to share one BWH-related memory from 2015 that was meaningful to you, and you offered touching stories about colleagues, patients, families, events and milestones that inspired you. We hope you enjoy these remarkable moments.

20120711, Wednesday, July 11, 2012, Boston, MA, USA, LIGHTCHASER PHOTOGRAPHY, Members of the Partners HealthCare community joined together for milestone meeting led by Dr. Blumenthal and Partners CEO Gary Gottlieb, MD, who hosted over 100 people from across the Partners system to mark the commitment and signing of the contract between Partners and Epic cementing the decision as to the new coordinated Partners eCare system that will be implemented across the Partners system. The system will ultimately be utilized for clinical care, research and education and include at it's foundation the 'One patient, one record' concept...( lightchaser photography image by j. kiely jr. © 2012 )

My Shining Moment was on Saturday, May 30, during rounds after Partners eCare go-live and in the ensuing days. I felt incredibly proud of our clinicians and staff who were working very hard to deliver care to patients using the new system. This was a profound change in technology and, despite the challenges, people were calm and collected and helping each other get through those first tough days.

Allen Smith, MD, MS
President, Brigham and Women’s Physicians Organization

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