BWHers Share Their One Shining Moments
BWH Bulletin’s year-end issue is a time to highlight BWHers’ proudest moments from the past year. We asked you to share one BWH-related memory from 2015 that was meaningful to you, and you offered touching stories about colleagues, patients, families, events and milestones that inspired you. We hope you enjoy these remarkable moments.

Robyn BridgeforthI was at the end of the rope, looking for a permanent job. I had no place to live and was bopping from place to place, temping here and there. Finally, someone at BWH noticed me and decided to let me be a part of her team.

I want to say a very big and special thank you to Sherry Wiemann, senior billing manager for the BWPO. I’ve been with the BWPO since March 25 and look forward to spending the rest of my working years with the Orthopedics Department. That is my Shining Moment!

Robyn Bridgeforth
BWPO Patient Accounts Representative, Billing Department of Orthopedics

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