BWHers Share Their One Shining Moments
BWH Bulletin’s year-end issue is a time to highlight BWHers’ proudest moments from the past year. We asked you to share one BWH-related memory from 2015 that was meaningful to you, and you offered touching stories about colleagues, patients, families, events and milestones that inspired you. We hope you enjoy these remarkable moments.


Watching our own Steve Elledge, PhD, accept the Albert Lasker Basic Medical Research Award—one of the world’s most prestigious honors in biomedicine—was a Shining Moment not only for me, but for the entire research community at BWH. Steve was recognized for his work in illuminating how cells detect and repair DNA damage. His pioneering contributions have shaped the world’s understanding of cancer and other conditions.

Steve is a bright light in our Brigham community, whose success illustrates that we can change the future of medicine by asking questions and working tirelessly to find the answers. I can think of no more noble way to describe one’s calling to research than as Steve has articulated himself: “I have always wanted to make an impact on the world, to have my life on earth count for something. By contributing to basic research, I hope my work can accelerate discoveries to improve the lives and health of people.” As a leading academic medical center, we share Steve’s deep commitment to helping others by transforming the future of medicine, and I look forward to seeing what new advances our outstanding research community will make in 2016.

Betsy Nabel, MD
President, Brigham and Women’s Health Care

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