This week’s Safety & Security Corner is about Security’s presence on inpatient units. As a reminder, if you see something, please say something. Staff should report safety concerns by telling a manager or calling Security at 617-732-6565. For non-urgent concerns, email

BWH is increasing the Security team’s visibility on campus after an in-depth assessment of BWHC’s security program by Healthcare Security Consultants earlier this year. As a result, Security has been piloting a community service officer program, in which Security officer Ryan Carvalho patrols all inpatient units in the Tower, Connors Center for Women and Newborns and Shapiro Cardiovascular Center for the entirety of his shift each day. Security plans to expand the program with additional dedicated officers for the evening and night shifts as well.

“On his daily rounds, Ryan has been reaching out to staff on all floors to see if there is anything he can help with and to hear if they have any concerns from a security standpoint,” said Robert Chicarello, director of Security and Parking. “He is getting to know all of the inpatient teams and what is important to them.”

Another part of Carvalho’s job is testing all inpatient unit panic buttons with the help of staff. Once per month, he makes sure all panic buttons are functioning properly and invites staff to participate by testing the buttons themselves while he is present.