The gym in BWFH’s new orthopedic and spine care unit overlooks Arnold Arboretum.

The gym in BWFH’s new orthopedic and spine care unit overlooks Arnold Arboretum.

Inside the new state-of-the-art orthopedic and spine care unit at BWFH, patients are receiving comprehensive orthopedic and spine care services in one convenient location.

After a year of construction, BWFH recently opened the new 7 South unit. The construction was coupled with renovations to the sixth floor operating rooms and the opening of Brigham and Women’s Orthopedic Center and Brigham and Women’s Comprehensive Spine Center.

The new patient unit features sweeping Boston skyline views, with a bright, modern look and feel. Emphasizing a healing environment, all 24 patient rooms are private and geared toward treating patients who are recovering from spine and orthopedic injuries and surgeries. The rooms include large bathrooms with showers, as well as ample space for visitors and rehabilitation equipment.

An exciting addition to the unit is a physical therapy gym, which was designed to offer patients physical and occupational therapy to begin their post-operative rehabilitation course. 

In addition to exercise mats and stationary and recumbent bikes, the gym includes the front seat of a car, a set of stairs and a bathroom to provide patients with training in activities of daily living. The seat of the car has been a great benefit, as getting into a car to drive tends to be one of the first functional activities a patient performs to leave the hospital to go home. 

Lynne Morrison, RN, 7 South nursing director, said that she and her colleagues had the opportunity to participate in the design and construction process from beginning to end, which allowed them to share their thoughts about how the unit should be arranged to best help patients in their recovery.

“This is a wonderful space for patients to heal and gain back their strength,” she said. “We know how difficult it can be to recuperate from an injury and surgery, so it was extremely important to us that we design the space to be comfortable for patients and their families.”

Jean Flanagan Jay, PT, DPT, CLT, director of BWFH Rehabilitation Services, added: “A majority of our patients do not go to a rehabilitation center after surgery. It’s our goal to provide them with the therapy and training necessary for them to get stronger and feel confident that they’ll be able to function safely once they are home.”

In addition to providing therapy to patients, the gym offers a quiet and relaxing environment, featuring large windows overlooking the Arnold Arboretum.

“We are very appreciative to have this wonderful new space to work in,” Flanagan Jay said. “We feel it reflects the professionalism and knowledge of the department staff. We look forward to advancing our program in a space that enhances healing for our patients.”