In this new economic reality where health care organizations are faced with pressures to cut costs and deliver high-quality care, BWHC is focused on ways to ensure financial stability and preserve the hospital’s mission well into the future.

One rapidly developing area that is focused on both “mission and margin” is forming under the leadership of Chief Business Development Officer Steven Thompson, MBA, and a small team charged with assessing potential collaborations with organizations around the world.

“The Brigham receives many inquiries and requests to partner with groups to bring our expertise to other parts of the country and the world,” said Thompson. “Our business development team is able to thoughtfully consider how each opportunity will establish a meaningful clinical, scientific and educational connection to BWH, as well as to generate new sources of revenue.”

In the past few months, four partnerships focusing on different clinical areas have been forged in Miami, Bermuda and China. “These partnerships will help other institutions and groups build their capacity to bring care to patients who need it in a way that is consistent with BWHC’s strategic plans as well,” said Mark A. Davis, MD, MS, executive director for strategic initiatives and business development (see related story on page 2).

An agreement signed with the Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre will help cancer patients receive radiation therapy locally, rather than traveling off the island. The relationship will also facilitate transfers of the most complex patients in need of highly specialized care to the Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women’s Cancer Center (DF/BWCC). Experts from DF/BWCC will advise Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre on the design of a radiation therapy facility, the creation of clinical policies, procedures and safety protocols and the development of a training and education program. BWH will also work with the center to explore research opportunities and a telemedicine program. Partners HealthCare International and BWHC have worked collaboratively with leaders in Bermuda to support outstanding health care services for its citizens.

BWH’s experts in newborn medicine are working to strengthen care for newborns in need of immediate medical interventions after birth in Miami, thanks to a new relationship with Miami Children’s Health System (MCHS). Under the leadership of Terrie Inder, MD, MBChB, chair of Pediatric Newborn Medicine, BWH and MCHS staff will collaborate to explore the development of a comprehensive high-risk fetal and newborn medicine program at MCHS to care for healthy mothers expecting a baby with complex medical issues.

Two separate projects are underway across the globe in China. BWH, along with Partners HealthCare International, is partnering with Jiahui International Hospital in Shanghai to develop a women’s health center program. Discussions have focused on a women’s health affiliation, which includes the development of an integrated Women’s Health program, obstetrics, gynecology, gynecologic oncology and in vitro fertilization, as well as a neonatal ICU.

Recently, BWH also signed a memorandum of understanding with Evergrande Health Industry Group to advance the health care delivery system in China. BWH will advise on health care administration, training, hospital design, interface of research and patient care, and clinical programs.

BWH has seen a tremendous increase in international patients seeking highly specialized care available at BWHC. To help address these needs, BWH is developing integrated, advanced and streamlined programs including specialty destination health programs designed to target individuals who seek the highly specialized diagnostic and treatment services available at BWHC. In addition, a new complex care access program (CCAP), which has been developed in collaboration with BWHC Network Development and Innovations Groups, will facilitate communication between BWH physicians and physicians locally and in other parts of the world to review whether complex patients should be sent to BWH for care.

“It is an exciting time for the Brigham,” said Davis. “We are rapidly increasing our capacity to partner with groups around the world in service of providing outstanding patient care and advancing our research and educational missions. These programs also provide new opportunities to sustain the financial margins needed for long-term BWHC success.”