This week’s Safety & Security Corner shares a few security-related updates and statistics from John Pierro, BWHC senior vice president of Facilities and Operations. As always, if you see something, say something. Staff should report safety concerns by telling a manager or calling Security at 617-732-6565. For non-urgent concerns, email

The safety and security of patients, employees and visitors are of paramount importance at Brigham and Women’s. In the last nine months, the hospital has examined its security operations to build upon our tradition of strength in this area.  We have enhanced training, operations and communication efforts, and will continue to do so in the months ahead.

To date, more than 10,000 employees have received active shooter training and more than 3,400 nurses have been trained in S.A.F.E. (Spot a threat; Assess the risk; Formulate a clinical response; Evaluate the outcome), an evidence-based clinical response for preventing, managing, de-escalating and responding to events. Both S.A.F.E. and active shooter trainings are offered through video sessions accessible in HealthStream. In addition, nearly 240 employees have trained in small group settings on workplace violence, de-escalation, security awareness and/or active shooter training scenarios.