Matt Schuster

With a passion to promote patient engagement through innovative technologies and public health strategies, Matthew Schuster, MBA, MS, is excited to learn as much as he can during the next year as BWH’s new Deland Fellow.

“This program provides an amazing opportunity to gain awareness and insight into both clinical and non-clinical roles in a health care setting,” said Schuster, who began in the role in early July.

The Deland Fellowship in Health Care and Society is a one-year administrative experience at BWH and BWFH that prepares professionals early in their careers to be leaders of health care institutions.

The fellowship honors the memory of former board President F. Stanton Deland Jr., a key figure during the merger of BWH’s predecessor hospitals.

Schuster will work with senior leaders at both institutions, including his mentor, BWFH President Michael Gustafson, MD, MBA.

As the Deland Fellow, Schuster looks forward to getting hands-on exposure to hospital operations. He’ll work on several projects focused on behavioral health, patient engagement and technology innovation.

Schuster previously worked as a project manager and market researcher in the health care and technology sectors, in addition to volunteering for the Samaritans, a suicide prevention organization.

A Cambridge native, Schuster received his MBA and MS from Boston University and his BA from Tufts University.