ICD-10 HealthStream Course deadlines
The ICD-10 implementation date of Oct. 1 is fast-approaching. ICD-10 non-provider HealthStream courses are due Sept. 15, and ICD-10 provider HealthStream courses are due Sept. 30. Courses are accessible from the “My Learning” section of HealthStream. For general inquiries about BWHC ICD-10 implementation, email BWHCICD10@partners.org. For an introduction to ICD-10, view the “ICD-10 and You” video.

“Rock Like Mike” Event, Sept. 26
Tickets are now on sale for a benefit concert supporting the family of Dr. Michael Davidson. “Rock Like Mike,” which features the music of Dr. Davidson’s band mates in “Off Label” and several other groups, will be held Saturday, Sept. 26, 7 p.m.–midnight, at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston. All are welcome to purchase a ticket to attend this tribute. For more information, visit www.rocklikemike.com.

Updated BWH Attendance Policy
Employees should review the updated Human Resources Policy 307, which sets clear standards for acceptable attendance and guidelines for upholding those standards. Visit BWHPikeNotes.org to learn more.

Cabot Atrium, Cafeteria Construction
With the renovation of the Coffee Connection @45, the expansion of Phlebotomy Services and the relocation of the Partners Biobank, Cabot Atrium can no longer accommodate large events. Daytime events will generally not be accommodated. Small reception-style events may still be held after hours when the kiosk is closed. In addition, the upcoming Cafeteria construction will require the Cohn Courtyard to be closed in late August through March 2016. For more information, visit BWHPikeNotes.org.