Marla Wolk and her children deliver handmade blankets to the NICU. Ian, wearing yellow, and Oliver, in blue, were 27 week identical twins almost 12 years ago and traveled with their parents Marla, and Jeffrey along their little sister, Serenity Rose to the Connors Center 6th floor on Saturday. The Wolk Family were assisted by NICU Family specialist, Niurka Pitts who was on hand to help the children distribute the blankets. ( lightchaser photography © 2015 )

Marla Wolk and her children–Ian (wearing yellow), Oliver (in blue) and their little sister, Serenity Rose–recently delivered handmade blankets to the NICU.

On July 25, the Wolk family visited BWH’s NICU with 60 handmade blankets in tow. Jeffrey and Marla Wolk brought their 11-year-old twins, Ian and Oliver, and their younger daughter, Serenity, to deliver the blankets to babies and their families, as they have done every year for the past decade.

The beautiful new blankets were draped over each NICU baby’s isolette—the incubator that provides controlled temperature and humidity and an oxygen supply for premature babies. Preemies benefit from a dark and quiet environment, resembling the womb, and the heavy, lined blankets help keep out light and sound.

The Wolk family’s generosity and dedication to the NICU and its occupants began when Ian and Oliver were born at BWH 14 weeks premature in July 2003. The twins spent the first three-and-a-half months of their lives in the NICU growing, developing and recovering. They overcame critical health challenges related to their early arrival.

During their July 25 visit, the Wolk family visited with NICU parents and families, and reconnected with BWH nurses and NICU family support specialist Niurka Pitts.

Serenity Wolk wheels a pile of blankets nearly as tall as she is.

Serenity Wolk wheels a pile of blankets nearly as tall as she is.