Q. What should I do if I have a safety concern while riding a Partners shuttle?

A. Please notify the shuttle driver if you have a concern or if there is a situation that makes you uncomfortable. Shuttle drivers have radios that they can use to call for assistance when needed. By speaking up, employees play an important role in hospital safety, which extends beyond hospital walls and includes our shuttles.

Q. Why does BWH require staff to have their last name on our ID badges?

A. Hospital policy requires first and last name (as well as credentials) on ID badges to be accountable to our patients, who entrust us with their most personal information, their health, and in many cases, their lives. “We believe that patients have the right to know who is treating them, and simply having a first name is not sufficient, nor is it in keeping with the standard of professional practice in the health care industry,” said Ron M. Walls, MD, BWHC executive vice president and chief operating officer. “That said, we are asking our security consultants to review this policy in addition to others as we examine all aspects of hospital safety and security and look for opportunities to improve.”

Employees are encouraged to always speak up about any concerns by telling a manager, calling Security at 617-732-6565 or emailing BWHSafety@partners.org.