thumbnail3What will my patients know about the launch of Partners eCare at BWHC?

This is one of the questions on the minds of staff across the hospitals as May 30 approaches. Many are concerned about how to inform patients that the usual process and documentation for care and check-in may take extra time and could cause some delays in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

A thorough communication plan has been put in place in order to make patients aware of the implementation, focusing on two key messages: “It’s Partners eCare, and it’s here.”

“Patients and families need to know what Partners eCare is—our new electronic health record—and that we are using it as of May 30,” said Vicki Amalfitano, vice president of BWH Marketing and Planning, who partnered with David Goldberg, director of Marketing and Public Affairs at BWFH, and clinical leadership throughout the hospitals to develop consistent communications materials for patients.

Special banners will hang in the hospital lobbies, and messages will also be displayed on the Community Connects televisions, the televisions in inpatient rooms and on posters outside of inpatient units and outpatient practices before, during and after go-live. These messages will also emphasize three important benefits Partners eCare offers patients:

  • One secure electronic health record that will make care safer and more efficient and eliminate the need to repeat medical history and other information in most instances
  • An improved Partners Patient Gateway that makes it easier for patients to communicate with their clinical team about medical needs, appointments, prescription refills and referrals
  • Simplified billing, with the introduction of One Patient Bill, which replaces multiple bills for one episode of care, and an easy online payment option

“People will know from the prominent banners, posters and television screens that something is different when they walk into the hospital during the first week of go-live,” said Amalfitano.

On the ambulatory side, patients have received a letter and an email via Partners Patient Gateway in advance of go-live. Practices have been informing patients about the change as they schedule appointments that will take place shortly after Partners eCare implementation.

Talking points have been developed for units and practices to use as a guide in communicating with patients and families about delays or unanticipated challenges due to the implementation of Partners eCare and service recovery.


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