In an effort to ensure BWH has the safest possible environment for its staff, patients and their families, the hospital conducted a detailed review of the tragic shooting  and loss of Michael J. Davidson, MD, that took place on Jan. 20 to determine what additional security and safety measures could be enforced.

“I commit to you that we will continue to share information about safety and security,” said BWHC Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Ron M. Walls, MD, who, along with other leaders, has been meeting with groups throughout the hospital to listen to concerns.  “We must work together to achieve our common goal of providing our patients, families and each other a welcoming place of caring and community while making sure that we are safe and secure.”
The comprehensive action report provides recommendations in the areas of communication, training, psychological support, incident management and security. Recommendations are currently being implemented by leaders made responsible for each task.

One of the major actions affirmed by the review was the decision to hire a nationally-recognized health care security consultant, Healthcare Security Consultants, Inc., (HSC) to perform a focused review of BWH’s existing security and safety programs. The agency has begun its external review process and will arrive on campus June 8. More information about what you can expect from HSC will be forthcoming.

As part of the pre-work for the HSC review, BWH is now gathering data regarding the area from the Mission Park Garage to the 75 Francis St. entrance, including all exterior entrances to the Shapiro building. A security officer has been assigned to patrol the area, monitoring activity at the back door—and other entrances—of Shapiro, as well as the pathway to and from the Mission Park Garage and the sidewalk area extending up to 75 Francis St., for a period of 30 days.

Security and safety is everyone’s responsibility, and all staff are asked to be mindful of the following:

  • Propping open doors or allowing those without appropriate credentials to enter the hospital off hours is considered a security breach. (See the FAQ below for more information.)
  • Locked doors are alarmed, and any door held open for 15 seconds sends an alarm to Security. Going forward, Security will respond immediately to all door alarms.
  • Employees are required to wear identification badges on their lapel or on a lanyard, clearly visible, and above the waist.
  • Employees can request a Security escort to and from the Mission Park Garage by calling 617-732-6565, or stopping at the Security booth inside the garage.

Security FAQ: What if someone follows me into the building from a door with badge swipe access?

One concern some employees have expressed is that unauthorized individuals may come into the hospital after hours by following a staff member who has badge swipe access and opens the door. If this happens to you, please ask the individual to show you their badge if you feel comfortable doing so. If you do not, go to the nearest house phone and dial ext. 2-6565 and provide Security with a description of the person and their location.

Have a question, concern or idea on security and safety? Email Please note that this inbox should not be used for urgent matters. BWH Bulletin will feature FAQs on security and safety in upcoming issues.