Beginning on Monday, May 4, a number of policies and manuals are moving from their current home on, the hospital’s employee intranet, to a new policy manager system called MCN ellucid®.

Employees will be able to access these policies via the Partners Applications menu on their PC by selecting “Policies and Procedures” and then “BWH Policies and Procedures” as of May 4. The policies page on PikeNotes will also link to policies on ellucid®. The primary change that employees will see is that these policies are no longer searchable on PikeNotes via the policy search function.

Manuals that are moving from PikeNotes to ellucid® are the Administrative and Medical Staff Manual, Billing Compliance, Care Coordination, Emergency Department, Emergency Management (formerly Crisis Resource Manual), Health Information Services, Nursing Administrative Manual, Nursing CWN Clinical Practice Manual, Nursing Clinical Practice Manual, Nutrition, Perioperative Services, Pharmacy Policy and Procedure Manual, Radiation Therapy, Radiology, Rehabilitation Services, Respiratory Therapy, Southern Jamaica Plain and Transplant.

The new policy manager system provides policy owners with regular prompts on when policies go out of date and need to be updated.

Information Systems has created a re-direct for each of the links that will no longer be active on PikeNotes, so that employees who have certain policies bookmarked can still view the policy via the same bookmark.

Contact Lauren Mazzone at with questions.