IMG_3666“I had the opportunity to bring Michael on the faculty at BWH, and to watch him grow as a person and physician and lead the division in new directions in heart surgery and integration with cardiology. His career was on a meteoric rise, and his family and personal life were in a wonderful place as well. Mike was totally devoted to his wife, Terri, and their children. He was a person who had a genuine passion for life and love for his family, his patients and his colleagues. Perhaps the highest tribute I can pay him is that Mike left the world a better place than he found it.”

– Chip Bolman, MD, BWH Cardiac Surgery

“Dr. Davidson saved my mom’s life three years ago. He was the epitome of kindness and compassion and my heart aches over this. A tragedy that such a senseless and cowardly act took a wonderful person. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.”

– Debbie D’Alessando

IMG_3657This was a man that chose to help people in dire need. He saved the life of my wife. We will mourn the loss of such a wonderful surgeon. He had a bedside manner that should be part of every physician’s education.”

– Henry Ouellette

“Mike was my last resident trainee before I stepped down as chief of Cardiac Surgery. The best words to describe Mike were: bright, hardworking and innovative in patient care, operating and education. He was a true triple threat academically: teacher, clinician and investigator. He did it all and did it all well. He will be sorely missed.”

Lawrence Cohn, MD, BWH Cardiac Surgery

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 2.11.35 PM“I remember meeting Dr. Davidson during my residency at BWH one night while on-call. I was paged to the Shapiro building to provide support to two sons and to the young physician who had tried to save their mother’s life. When I arrived, Dr. Davidson, still wearing his surgical cap, was sitting with the family. I was struck by his compassionate presence, attentive listening and his own feelings of loss. I remember looking at his ID because I wanted to capture this man, this doctor, this healer’s face and his name in my memory. What a tremendous loss for the Brigham, his patients and their families, his colleagues, and his family. Yet, this one memory I have of him speaks to what an incredible legacy he leaves for us.”

Sarah H.

IMG_3664“Years ago, Dr. Davidson sought my permission to train in coronary arteriography in our catheterization laboratory, a procedure usually performed only by cardiologists. We welcomed him into our laboratory, and his collaborative spirit set the stage for ever deepening cooperation between cardiac surgeons and cardiologists that laid the foundation for our successful Heart Team and joint valve clinic. I believe that Dr. Davidson was a pioneer in our institution’s joint approach to provide the best patient care. His engaging personality and balanced approach to patient care certainly fostered the collegial spirit which now prevails between our specialties.”

Peter Libby, MD, BWH Cardiovascular Division

“I first met Mike when he came to CIMIT more than ten years ago to seek support for the fellowships which enabled his cross-training in Minimally Invasive Cardiology. I recall asking why, as a ‘fully trained surgeon,’ would he go through more years of schooling? He said simply, ‘It will make me a better doctor; I will have more ways to help my patients.’”

Kirby Vosburgh, PhD, BWH Radiology

“Mike was a superb human being, caring physician and wonderful colleague. Mike cared so much for every patient he cared for. His presence will truly be missed across the medical community. I will miss his smile and the friendly greeting he gave as he passed you along the Shapiro Bridge. Rest in peace, Mike. May all of your family and friends find solace during this difficult time. I am sure that you will be watching over them from wherever you may be.”

Fidencio Saldana, MD, BWH Cardiovascular Division