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The simulated spacecraft medical bay in the Neil and Elise Wallace STRATUS Center got ready for its big-screen debut as a Hollywood production crew visited to film the environment for NASA training videos on April 27.

Crews from Radiant Images filmed the setting — modeled after the International Space Station’s medical bay — to capture a realistic, 3D environment for astronaut training scenarios and just-in-time education. For the next stage of the project, crews will film actors in Los Angeles simulating a series of emergency scenarios developed by the STRATUS Center’s Roger Dias, MD, PhD, MBA, and Charles Pozner, MD, of the Department of Emergency Medicine, and their colleagues.

Ultimately, the actors will be superimposed on footage of the STRATUS Center’s facility, and learners will be able to interact with the scenario using virtual/augmented reality headsets.

When filming at the center, production crews used a mix of 3D, photogrammetry and mixed-reality cinematic techniques for maximum realism.

The STRATUS team has been engaged in a two-year, grant-funded partnership with the Translational Research Institute for Space Health to develop novel solutions to some of NASA’s highest-priority concerns around human health during deep-space exploration missions.

3 Responses to “Lights, Camera, STRATUS! Hollywood Crew Captures Brigham’s Simulated Spacecraft”

  1. Robert PIerazek

    Very cool, very fascinating. In the context of the article, I can’t determine what a “leaner” is. Can someone elaborate? Thanks.

    • BWH Strategic Communication

      We’re delighted to hear you enjoyed this, Robert! And you very astutely caught a typo. That should be “learner,” which hopefully makes more sense in context, but it refers to astronauts who will be using the training videos. (The story is now updated to reflect this correction.) Thank you for your comment and bringing this to our attention!


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